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Season 09/10 - Under 12 Black

2-0 down after 6 minutes!! Bradford turned out to be a good team!

However it was 2-1 after 10 minutes - there was hope. A ball worked in from the wing from Ryan W landing on Josh's foot and was whacked into the back of the net. Unfortunately it didn't last long - a couple of minutes later we were 3-1 down and the goals continued to go against us at regular intervals. 6-1 at half time!

We regrouped at half time. Defenders refreshed and bang 3 minutes later it was 7-1! Despite Stephen tracking back and chasing he just could not get any where near the Bradford's attackers. Scott fared slightly better and made some crunching tackles. Sam did a good job again at sweeper and dropped off well from the keepers big kicks.

In centre mid-field the trio of Fred, Ryan C and Josh battled well and there were some good passing moves which shows promise for future games. Lewis contributed well and his energy levels were unsurpassed and he made a good contribution in the middle of mid-field.

Craig battled well up front and late in the game when he came back for the ball he looked threatening and dangerous. He would have done better against a lesser defence. Ben did well up front and harassed the defence.

Tom had little chance of saving many of the goals and made many saves. His head stayed up despite the score line.

The 2 outstanding players of the game were Kez and Ryan W on the RHS and LHS of mid-field respectively. Their runs down the channels led to our best opportunities, Towards the end of the game a ball in from the LHS found Kez a few yards out - and on a different day, different team - he would have found the back of the net but a good save from the keeper kept him out.

The guys kept going until the end and shouldn't be too disheartened by being beaten by a team which should be in the league above. Bradford were a good team.

Goals - Josh.
Mom - Kez for his hard work down the RHS flank and chasing back helping defend.


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