Season 09/10 - Under 7

Ha ha -we beat the weather this time! Credit to Pete for letting us play after a filthy night of wind and rain. Amazingly at the appointed KO time for the first 10 minute match - the autumn sun was shining and all was well.

Our opponents from Malmesbury suggested 6x10 minute games as a format and it worked like a dream. This gave us opportunity to try different lads in different positions, have 6 different captains and 6 different goalies!

Malmesbury hadnt played as many matches as our crew and this showed in the early matches but they improved in front of your very eyes as the morning went on and our guys had to try really hard to contain them. Big mentions to Louie, Alex and Henry for scoring their first goals of the regular season adding to a bunch of goals from Archie and Josh. Also a welcome aboard to Angus who made his debut, and a get well soon to 'the machine'.

Squad - Cameron, Ollie, Jayden, Angus, Rory, Josh, Archie, Louie, Ben, Henry, Alex


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