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Season 09/10 - Under 7

The team were well and truly back on their game at the first tournament of the year.

We returned with an unblemished record after 4 games against Malmesbury, Derry Hill, Westbury and FC Chippenham.

The pitches were big - helping us to find space and get our passing game going - and the games were quick at 4 minutes each way, meaning you needed to take your chances or there might not be enough time to get another one.

The striking thing about today was the quality of the goals. Louies brace and Archies goal were good, Wills was fantastic but the debut goal from Angus was astonishing. We were all hoping he would get one before he leaves for the falklands for a couple of years (make sure you come back to us Angus!) but nothing looked on when he picked the ball up in his own half. He then sprinted straight through the heart of the retreating defence leaving everyone in his wake before lashing the ball into the roof of the net. Three goalkeepers would not have stopped it! Ollie, Henry, Josh and Alex also contributed massively to a very good performance from our chaps.


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