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The lads knew they were up against it entering their Quarter final against the excellent Liden. Examination of ther record so far - they had won all their games with no goals conceded apart from a 2-2 draw with the similarly talented Croft - would indicate that they would have to be at their best to get anything from this test.

The Coach had made the mistake of organising a xmas bash the night before (to be fair the match was postponed and put back a week so it is forgiveable) and the players were a little slow in the first half - I think this could have been down to nerves as well - and the physical attrition of dealing with the athletes they had. We could have done better but stayed competitive mostly until just before halftime when the 5th and 6th goals ended the tie as a contest.

The coaches were fearful and withdrew the excellent alex into the backline as an attempt at damage limitation. Instead - what happened was the guys stepped up a gear and started putting in bigger hits. we also actually started to retain the ball and move up the pitch. Max threw himself at everything and stopped most - earning himself the man of the match award. Towards the end archie led a charge and squared the ball for cameron to score. It felt so much better then just a consolation.

In fact it was - we drew the second half 1-1, and became only the second team to score against Liden this year. More importantly, the cameraderie and spirit to ensure they didnt fold and concede 13 or 14 but instead to improve and go back at Liden was really admirable.

Well done Guys


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