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Welcome to Castle Combe Colts Football Club

We're a club set up in 1997 to encourage and promote the development of football for children in the Chippenham/Castle Combe/Yatton Keynell area. In October 2008 we became a FA Charter Standard Club. We have more than 260 members and 16 teams ranging in age from Under 7 to Under 18. We host a thriving Mini-Kickers section offering training to anyone (below these age ranges) of school age.


The aim of the club is to develop the skills of children in a positive atmosphere, with an emphasis on fun and sportsmanship. Children are encouraged to enjoy the game, improve their techniques and fitness through training, and benefit from the experience of playing as a team. We have our own fantastic facilities near Castle Combe – world renowned as being one of the most beautiful villages in England - where matches are hosted. Training takes place weekly at other locations in and around Chippenham.

League matches and non-competitive games are arranged through the Mid Wilts and North Wilts youth football leagues.

Potential new members are always welcome. If you'd like to find out more about the club and its teams, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The birth of the Colts

In 1996, Spike Crawley was manager of Wessex Youth U8s when his club was taken over by Chippenham Town FC. He and the parents in his group soon realised that establishing their own club would be the only way to provide the very best for their children.

After lengthy discussions they started Castle Combe Colts FC on March 1, 1997. Despite opposition from other clubs, they were granted membership of the Mid Wilts League and could plan ahead for the 1997/98 season, having made their competitive debut at tournaments that summer.

 First tournaent

The Colts making their competitive debut in the summer of 1997

The club was granted a long lease of its present ground – opposite the famous Castle Combe Racing Circuit – by the tremendously supportive Lysley family and received invaluable help and backing of the parish council, which continues to this day. Pitches at the sportsfield were marked out, goalposts put in place and the original four teams (U6s, 7s, 8s and 9s) were provided with brand new strips and everything a youth football team required. 

Colts original

The first-ever Colts team line up following the club's formation in 1997

Why did the Colts decide to play in black and white stripes? The simple answer is Castle Combe's adult sides historically played in black and white and the founders wanted to maintain that with the slight alteration of stripes. They felt it was a smart look - and one influenced by Kevin Keegan's exciting Newcastle United side of that era.

Fundraising and new facilities

Over the five years that followed - either side of the new millennium - everybody involved in the club concentrated on fundraising. Castle Combe Circuit allowed volunteers to collect at the car boot sale and the club organised events. A race night raised over £2,000 and six-a-side tournaments which raised considerably more. None of this could have been achieved without the fantastic support from everyone involved and for their efforts the club is eternally grateful.

The final hurdle was to replace the dilapidated changing rooms, so in 2001 the club set about raising £50,000 to demolish this and replace it with a new building. Yet again, the parents were magnificent and against all the odds they achieved it.

The planning and building was managed by Nigel Gale and Bill Flynn, who worked tirelessly and provided the club with facilities that are still the envy of youth football clubs throughout England.

From strength to strength

Having laid such strong foundations for the future, Spike Crawley decided to stand down as chairman in 2003 as both his children were leaving and he was succeeded by Nigel Gale.

So many others were involved in the development of the club from its humble beginnings to what we are now – a few however deserve a special mention, such as tireless volunteers Mark Wells and Tim Packwood.


Paul Wiltshire may only have served as chairman for two years but these were very important years in bringing stability and structure into the club by introducing guidelines for ALL teams to follow, and working towards each team being a part of one club. During his chairmanship in 2008 (with massive roles played by Jon Clark and Jane Hill) the club achieved Charter Standard Status – this is a set of guidelines and ethos which still positively affect every decision we make today.

We are very proud of our facilities - but having your own playing fields and changing rooms means hard work. Pete Nicholson was a constant factor in improving and maintaining these facilities relentlessly until his retirement and his fantastic work has been continued by first Ken Neale and then Bradley Anderson, our current sportsfield manager.


In recent years the workrate, experience and expertise provided by our most recent secretaries Gioia Grobler, Steve Baynes, Trevor Newman and Mike Poole, together with chairmen past and present David Lewis and Neil Beck, has been nothing short of incredible – this club would not be as thriving and well respected as it is without this and their continuing input.

The club continues to host its own tournament in late June every year and it has become a sell-out event, involving thousands of children and is a real highlight of the summer calendar for youth footballers from across the region.


The Colts' summer festival of football attracts thousands every year

It goes without saying that every committee member who has served this club is a hero in their own right. We do not have enough space here to list everyone and do them justice. We do list below those who served as chairman and secretary; we also list a sample of the important awards we have achieved.

Spike Crawley Eddie Wren
Nigel Gale Pat Powney
  Stewart McMillan
Paul Wiltshire Graham Hughes
Jon Clark Gioia Grobler

Trevor Newman

David Lewis

Trevor Newman

Neil Beck (current)

Steve Baynes

Trevor Newman

Mike Poole (current)


Major Awards

FA Charter Standard Club of the Year 2017 for both Wiltshire and the South West.


Runners-up in the Wiltshire County FA Fair Play award in 2008/2009 & 2009/2010 season (best disciplinary record over the 1000 teams who play in the county)

Mid Wilts League Fair Play Awards too numerous to list – a sample of managers that have won these awards are Stewart McMillan, Vic Hillier, Mark Grobler, Jim Haywood, Rob Evans, Jon Clark & Paul Sanderson. The fact that we highlight these awards first is indicative of our club ethos – which is described in the About Us section above.


This has not been done at the cost of playing success however. The Colts have won many leagues, cups and tournaments as well – and have a great time doing it.

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