Season 09/10 - Under 7

Well quite frankly this is getting ridiculous. Yes - we were playing at home again this sunday during the worst storms since Michael Fish reassured all that there was definitely not a hurricane on its way in 1987! Our next game is on 15th November - please send your lads with rubber rings or armbands as well as shinpads - now compulsory equipment.

The lads were sensational - and still have not conceded a goal. Credit to Louie and Ollie for that. This was a tougher match than previous encounters - and the guys showed that they have the character to battle for a result in the terrible weather. Alex, Jayden and Josh were like terriers providing the ammo for Archie to do his goalscoring thing again. Ben, Rory and Cameron continually stopped the dangerous visiting raiders. A special mention has to go to Will who lived up to his moniker of 'the machine'.

Well done everyone - including the parents who braved the elements and helped the managers so much.


Child Welfare Officer


Mike Poole

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