Season 09/10 - Under 11 White

It seemed to take a few minutes before the Colts realised that the whistle had blown to start the match, Marshfield were clearly hungrier for a result in the opening play creating several chances with one finally finding its way in the net.

Luckily our heads lifted and with some great play the ball found its way to Jo who then struck the ball into the goal area with Aaron finding the net from a skillful flick off the side of his boot, more positive play followed involving Tom, Adam, Ryan & George again with Aaron finishing to take the Colts 2-1 up at half time.

Shortly after the start of the 2nd hald Marshfield equalised from a penalty, once again Combe answered with a cracker from Joseph leaving the goalie with no chance, then the game slipped from our grasp, Marshfield kept their spirits high and went on to win the game 3-5 despite some missed opportunities from Charlie, Lewis & George.


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