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The lads put on a fantastic show especially when you consider that we had no subs, it was a massive pitch and our opponents were fairly huge as well! To go toe to toe with Mere the whole game who had fresh legs aplenty and be at 0-0 with 10mins to go is to our massive credit.
We again missed chances and need to start punishing the better sides we play when we are on top. We played exceptional football at times and it seems our training themes of 'head up/pass and move/fitness and determination are all bearing fruit.
Ben had his best game of the season from an uncustomary left-back role. Alex, Jayden and Max formed a midfield axis which was sharp on the counter attack - it was a shame that Archie was below par today - the midfield created a few chances for him and he battled  away to create himself a few more. The result was - the first league game of the season where he didnt score! He'll be back.
Tom B-S played brilliantly both halves in goal for the sake of the team (one of the reasons he got player of the month for February) - and JJ worked the line incessantly. We had some walking wounded out there again as a result of some 'forceful' tackling from the big lads at the back for Mere. Felix cut out anything that slipped through our midfield and tackled himself to the man of the match slot.
Fatigue definitely crept in during the second half (inevitably) and a lapse of concentration (there really werent too many today) allowed them in to score a winner giving a really harsh final score. We still had the gumption though to carve out a marvellous chance for alex at the end, he did well but could not provide the finish to match the quality of the move.
Well done guys - heads up . We can/will still have a great season.

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