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We could put this down as just 'one of those days' where if anything could go wrong.....it did. But we dont want to do that as the key thing is to learn when things go wrong.

In our previous two games against Mere there were referee decisions etc which we could blame the narrow losses on. That was not the case this time. Neither were we 'unlucky'. We went ahead through a great opportunistic strike from Archie inside 30 seconds and held on to that for 20 minutes or so but you could feel the tide turning. They beat us 4-1 in the end and whilst the scoreline slightly flattered them - the victory was deserved.

So- what went wrong? Maybe we were tired from playing some 40 hours earlier against bromham? It certainly didnt help that we lost Alex and Joe at half time after some great first half displays. Alex's knee injury looks like keeping him out for a week or so - get well soon mate. I think the main reason though, was lack of communication, leadership and responsibility. I yearn for someone to shout out their name because  this is going to be their ball, and then go and get it. We will be looking at this in training.

I couldnt recognise some of our players from the last game in midweek. As much as we had a ‘ON’ day then, we had a OFF day today. The fluent passing was not there, and the annoying thing was that we just couldn’t control the ball! The ball continually bounced past us and into their possession. TIME AFTER TIME THIS HAPPENED.

Honourable mentions go to Joe, Felix and Max in defence, Archie and Toby in goal (and on pitch) plus Alex and Angus in midfield. The man of the match award was an easy one - it went to Felix by a country mile. Mere won the league and the guys have to put this down as an opportunity missed. Corsham away this wednesday gives us a quick way of ammending things. Keep your heads up guys. 


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