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Season 14/15 - Under 9 White

    A very sunny Sunday morning away to Trowbridge, This derby always promises a good game with some excellent football. The Bees are a great side and great competition for the mighty Colts. The boys from these two teams have often played together with FC Wiltshire and at the tournaments and enjoy the challenge. Today, The Colts started out as William wearing the No1 shirt in goal. On the field and poised for action were James (16), Cole (5), Lucas (9), Matty (10), Ben (11), Ryan (18).

    The game started as rapidly as it was going to continue with the Bees number 7 sending a shot just wide of the goal within the first minute. The ball is sent out by William in goal and the Bees grab an opportunity to have another go, only to be stopped by a fantastic tackle by Matty who makes a break for the right wing demonstrating some great mastery on the ball. Some quick passing and a shot by Thunderfoot Ryan is sent wide by the Bees keeper offering a corner shot. Taken by Matty and cleared by the Bees. The first half of the game showed both sides attacking and defending astonishingly well. About 10 minutes in and the Bees seize a rare opportunity to run the attack. They showed one touch passing and skill with a great shot on target. William makes a great save sending the shot wide for a corner. Again the Colts clear the ball and take the attack again. Ben wearing the Colts No 11 takes a run centre forward. He clears two Bees, just as he gears up for the shot; a Trowbridge Bee appears as if from nowhere and scores a great tackle to recover. Just before the half time whistle a free kick is given just in to the Bees half. Ryan gears up and takes the shot. With a lovely lift and curl the ball aims itself in only to be stopped by the keeper with a fantastic save. 

   After the half time pep talk both teams came out battling. The Bees make another break along the wing. Cole the cannonball decides this is not to be and goes in winning an amazing tackle clearing a beautiful pass out to James who makes a run for goal. The pass to Ben came seconds too late as the Bees put a stop to a good run. The second half, if possible, was even more dynamic than the first. Neither team missing an opportunity to have a run for goal. Watching some of the great one touch passing and solid defences that both teams offered is a testament to the development the lads have shown. The colts showed great resilience and strength. The sun was beating down on a very warm morning. All the kids were tired but pushed to the very last minute. By far the most successful plays were when the Colts passed quick and used the whole pitch. The crowd of parents clearly enjoyed a good close game. All the kids should be proud of what they demonstrated as excellent football in this match with the Colts showing great sportsmanship. 

   Next week The Colts look forward to meeting Bradford at home.

  The man to watch today was Lucas, after receiving a very sore injury to his back after a heavy tackle. Clearly feeling the pain and discomfort from it he played on with some excellent crosses to the centre from the left wing. 

Another Attack from the Colts.

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