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Season 14/15 - Under 9 White


A Sunday morning kick off was the order of the day for what is always a great match with CCCFC U9's whites taking on Trowbridge Bees at home. We certainly were not disappointed. The colts were out of the gate real quick with the Bees taking the first kick off. The attack was immediate stopped only by the swift feet of Matty and The impassable wall that is Cole. Very early on the William was tested with a great shot from the Bees. William passed that test beautifully with a full stretch dive to the left sending the shot wide.

   The battle ensued with each team making great runs and passes. A Slight change to the formation put Ryan on the right wing and James in the centre. The two boys passed well but the Trowbridge defence was very strong also. A couple of decisions from the ref put the Colts under pressure and fighting against a very strong team and wet pitch slowing the ball down allot. 

   The teams played fair and true and we saw Lucas place a bolter in the net followed by a top corner direct hit from Ben, Trowbridge returned with some goals and won a questionable second half penalty. 

   This week showed us all the Colts did not buckle under the pressure and played some great football. They were top sportsman to the end with no complaints and willingly participating in a penalty shoot out at the end for a little bit of fun and practice. Thanks Trowbridge for a great game and thanks to the Colts for some sportsmanlike play.




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