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Season 14/15 - Under 12 White

In the context of our particular season - this was a very big game

To have lost it in the manner we lost it was very very disappointing

This westbury team are very evenly matched to us - and are generally great lads, certainly mentored by a great manager. Unfortunately there were still a couple of unsavoury incidents in this game (FA Respect Weekend!) which seemed to rattle our lads and certainly threw the balance of the game out of kilter.

We started slowly (our default setting!) but gradually built and built to grabbing hold of the game and eventually going in to the lead with a thumping header from Archie following a curling perfect Ted cross. Angus, Archie & Louie had one of those goalmouth scrambles where - when it ended - I realised I had actually held my breath for 45 seconds. We should have scored 4 or 5 goals then! Max (player of the month) also went on an astonishing run and did everything right until he just delayed his shot too long in front of a gaping net, and run out of pitch!

Wesbury scored two good goals late in the game but by then it had changed due to the issue noted above. We will have worse experioences than this guys -and we will have to deal with conflict in a more mature way and come out the other end victorious. We can still achieve what we want to achieve this year but we cant make anymore mistakes!

Well done people


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