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Season 14/15 - Under 12 White

A respectful minutes silence was magnificently obeserved by all on this remembrance sunday. the fact that we were near the garrison town of warminster meant that it seemed to mean more this year. We were in fact on a beautiful field in a village called Horningsham next to Longleat. During that minutes silence I heard cows, turkeys and lions.....which was a little disconcerting!!

I really have to take my hat off to the Warminster coach Rob and all his players - in amongst winning the odd game they do cop the odd heavy defeat, but keep a superb demeanour and enthusiasm for the game.

The pleasing aspect of this game for me was that although it started out as a goal chase for our lot with lads getting visibly frustrated if they missed out whilst their colleagues cashed in - they all eventually worked out that it didnt matter who scored and that it was just as much fun to play great passing football and set your mates up. The goals were scored by Louie. Max, Archie, JJ, Alex, Ben, Jayden and debutant JBW.

I would like to particularly mention JJ, Alex, Jayden and Tom - they got the call by their coach to spend a half in defence each and carried out their duty magnificently. Our skipper Louie picked out Alex as his man of the match but it could have been any of them

Well done guys


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