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Season 14/15 - Under 12 White

This was yet another game where the main task was to set our team challenges, moving them about and hopefully giving them some developmental progress as well as keeping the score down. We failed to keep the score down, but the fact that everyone in the entire squad has scored a goal now shows that we are moving them around to good effect.

Once again - I really have to take my hat off to the opposite coach Russ and all his players. They seem to really enjoy a good game of football and have very healthy attitudes to the concept of winning/losing. They deserved the respect our lads afforded them.

I saw another slight improvement in the guys keeping positional discipline even when easy goals seem to be on offer. There was a great spirit in which people seemed to genuinely get as much pleasure out of setting their mates up as in scoring themselves. Long may this continue. The greatest cheers came when Tom B-S, Max Coupland and Joe Newman scored their first goals of the campaign. Max claimed the man of the match armband from Alex due to that goal, a remarkable feat when you consider hes our Goaly! Everyone played really well and Id really like to mention those that didnt score - Angus,Ted and Felix who were superb.


JBW - 3, Jayden - 3, Ben -2, Archie - 2, JJ, Alex, Max, TBS, Joe,

Well done guys


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