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Season 14/15 - Under 12 White


Castle Combe Colts Whites and Worton U12s line up before their pre-Christmas cracker as part of the FA's Football Remembers week

This was a great game - Worton were a step above anything we had played against in the league so far this year and I think it shocked our guys in the first half. It is fair to say we have not been stretched yet during our league games so far apart from in our epic battle against Westbury.

We took some time getting used to the pace, physical prowess and technique of our visitors from Worton. Luckily whilst we were getting used to that, we were able to exercise our own technique by smashing in two goals presented to us by defensive errors through Max and Arch. I thought our visitors were well on top in the first half and despite some great performances from the likes of Felix, Alex and JJ we were pinned back. Archie - in his unfamiliar role as centre back was cutting out everything Worton could cook up. Alex tackled anything that moved.

During the second half the midfield got on top of the game as JBW, Louie, Max and Ben started to win their melee's. We conceded a disappointing goal from a free kick and would have been dragged into a draw if Tom wasnt on hand to hack the ball off the line to cap off a good performance, 

They were all superb and deserve to take a bow - ARCHIE/BEN/JJ/JBW/TOM/TED/MAX/MAX/ALEX/FELIX/LOUIE

ITS BEEEN A GREAT SEASON SO FAR - we need to keep on it and grab the rewards we deserve

'GREAT GAME GUYS' - Man of the Match - TIE - Archie and Alex. Jayden is skipper for next match.


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