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Season 15/16 - Under 13 White

On a surprisingly steep slope the Coach correctly deduced that this game was going to be game of two halves. How right he was.....but in a completely opposite way to the way he thought the game would go!

We started down the slope on a beautiful sunny cold crisp afternoon (remember them?) and were playing well against very very strong opposition. We took the lead with a 20 yard looper from Louie and then sat back a little. Quick breaks from the oppo forwards saw chance after chance created. Tom turned away 3 or 4 until one of the long shots notched - just a result of a build up of pressure.

The hosts started running at the heart of our defence and put our new formation to test. The two centre backs JJ and Felix were fantastic in staying disciplined and repelling attack after attack. The second goal came when we went into slow motion as  aball ballooned up off of Toms boot and was nodded in by the attacker rather than attacked by a defender.

2-1 down - we had wasted the slope and went into half time a little dejected. I reminded the troops of how good they were and that they could do this (conveniently forgetting my prematch predictions of how difficult it would be up the slope). The lads started the half like dervishes and were 4-2 up in 4 minutes!! Archie and Cameron with oblique finishes and Jacob with a great goal he worked hard for put us in that position. Jake was performing well on his debut, as were everyone involved. Alex re-established an irongrip on the midfield and saw us through the game. Archie made int 5-3 with yet another clinical finish and then Louie concluded matters in the dying minutes. 6-3!!

Tom was voted man of the match - but it could have been anyone. One of the great results, this.

Well done - Tom, JJ, Felix, Jake, Jacob. Ben, Joe g, Archie, Louie, Cam, Alex


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