NWL U13 CCCFC 0 Tetbury Tn 2 Print
Season 15/16 - Under 13 White

Ive done the research - Dec 2013 Mere away. That was the last time we didnt score in a match. They too had a massive keeper. Tetbury had a very good centre back on top.

Our guys have progressed so far but it seems we go in smooth runs with an adjustment every now and again when we get maybe a little complacent. Last time it took us two games to get back on it - lets see if we can do it straight away this time.

There was nothing in the Tetbury side that would prevent us from winning if we played to our strengths. Part of the problem I feel is, that we have outgrown the pitch - I cant wait to get on to the big pitch next year and see the running ability of people like Alex, Archie and Cam etc unfurled to the max. We still have 3 or 4 games left to play on it though, so we have to win games through a congested midfield and get on with it. We were a little bit kickabouty and didnt put in the required effort - but I am not going to moan about that though as they have exceeded my expectations this year and Im really proud of their efforts. Man of the match was between JJ, Felix and Louie and I have decided to go with Louie as he put in the most mileage.

Unlucky guys - bit more effort in a fortnight against same opponents and lets see how we go!



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