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Season 16/17 - Under 14 White

Its hard to take too much pleasure in a game so one sided. It was only 4-0 at half time and our freinds from malmesbury as always played decent football during that time. At the point we went 8-0 up our oppoments were asked if they wanted to carry on - they said yes. We moved our players around to try and keep the score down but....

Guess it does show two things -

1 - We are better than we were last year

2 - We made the right decision in going up a league to seek harder games that would stretch us. We may concede a few heavy defeats ourselves this year but we will learn and improve.

Scorers - Louie 3, Jayden 3, Nathan 2, Cam 2, Alex and Archie

MOM - If you score a hat trick from wing back youd be gutted if you werent mom wouldnt you - Jayden



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