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Season 16/17 - Under 14 White

This was always going to be really difficult - the lads lined up this week against the best team in our age group

The coach (amongst other really motivating inspiring stuff) asked the team not to lose to double figures and also - can we score? The lads ticked the box on both counts AND it was certainly not the game the scoreline suggested. The Bassett coach has sent some very comlimentary messages through and admitted that we caught them on the day 'it all came together' for them!

We did give our hosts plenty of respect in the way we set up - and for the first 15 mins I thought it was a really even game. After that the weight of posession told, but we were still creating chances at regular intervals. Cameron scored a great breakway goal early in the second half and looked threatening the whole game.

Archie and Alex led the battle from the middle of the pitch and we got our speedy forwards away once or twice and should really have scored a couple. I have to remind myself that a few of our lads have played in less than 30 games....in their life. How good are they going to be when more experienced ??? We are not used to losing and I asked everyone to remain positive and supportive, to a large extent everyone did (especially our travelling army of parents) but we need to make sure there is no grumbling. A word of support for our keeper Max - we know you are not used to conceding that many goals, but dont beat yourself up about it. Learn from it and improve from it - if we all do that we will become a brilliant team.

man of the match - alex

nearly men of the match -  archie, louie, jj, nathan, joen, joe p

everyone else - simply superb

Supermarine next!!!!



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